Kindly provided by clients and key personnel within the client's organisation:

Robert Biggs [Design Manager, Aquaterra Energy]

... has supported our engineering team on a number of occasions over several years. He has worked as a senior design engineer developing mechanical and structural jobs from sales concept to final delivery. He works very well when there is a challenging technical project and has demonstrated a good eye for detail and thoroughness. He understands industry and the requirements for managing the output in terms of expectations for quality, cost effectiveness and delivery requirements. He has been professional in representing our business.

Neil Thomas [Engineering Director, STG Aerospace]

During his time with STG Aerospace, Myles worked to realise new product and demonstrator designs both through CAD and build of first-off assemblies. He brought experience and maturity to the design team and has been a great asset to the programme.

James Harrod [Senior Designer, Chell Instruments]

... will easily add value to any team engineering or otherwise due to his professionalism, vast experience and understanding of many industries, combining this with his approachable and understanding personality, Myles can quickly integrate into and improve any previously existing or newly developed team. Myles has been a great addition to the design team and his abilities and the benefits he brought to us resulted in rapid noticeable results.

Stewart Maxwell [Technical Director, Aquaterra Energy]

I have worked with Myles at two companies, the latest being Aquaterra Energy. In all the time I have known him Myles has demonstrated a wide range of design skills, particularly in conceptual design, prototyping and manufacturing. His input into projects has demonstrated both his eye for technical detail, but also a keen understanding of the commercial nature of projects and where his experience gained in industries outwith Oil and Gas can be used to reduce cost, whilst maintaining the desired product functionality.
In my time working with Myles he was engaged in teams of various sizes, and displayed a willingness to support and develop the skill set of younger and less experienced engineers and pass on his significant experience.

Richard Simmonds [Owner, Simmonds Clockmaking]

... the ability to add an aesthetic look to a functional piece of design. If you want an accurate no fuss solution, use this man.

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