From the 'what if' and teasing out of barely formed ideas, to production-ready designs and documentation, the Perdix Design remit of Creating Solutions  can be viewed as interconnected discipline streams - 'creativity' and 'engineering':
Product and Engineering Design and Development

With experience of taking a brief and then translating this into a fully formed product, together we can take your requirement from a need to a result. From the outset, final use and function is a key consideration.

Conversion to CAD from Paper and Scans

Perdix Design is a largely paper-free business. Moving from paper-based graphic information to reusable CAD assets helps minimise waste, improves functionality and lowers onwards costs.

Concept Design
and Visualisation

Sometimes the only way to convey your offer is in the form of images. Images break language barriers and create excitement and encourage understanding. Perdix has provided concept imagery for unique bespoke items to multi-billion pound projects.

2D to 3D conversion and Detail Design

Legacy 2D information can be transformed into 3D. Part of that transformation is capturing the key information in the design to maintain the integrity of its core philosophy and intent. And sometimes, it can be solely for the opportunity to see around, or to hold something printed.

Design and Build - Stands
and Scenography

This is a recent offering commercially, with personal experience transferring to professional services. Design and build of sets for an award-winning Norwich theatre combines with professional trade stand visualisations to bring creative designs with an awareness of budget.

Model and Drawing Modification and Updates

Legacy information often needs updating after a change or to reflect the frequent alterations needed between design and as-built information. Both 2D and 3D data can be revised, or (if needed) be reconstructed to your current requirements.

Prototyping, Props, and
Model Making

Sometimes we need to interact with an item to understand how it feels. At other times we need an object to tell a story or provide a function. It could be a point of sale prototype item, a Geiger counter, or a jukebox, but they all have a unique message to deliver.

CAD and Design Process Consultancy and Advice

If you already have a CAD reseller or technical support provider, then they should be your first port of call. But with thirty years of practical design and CAD experience a simple conversation may save you time, costs, and the pain of an early wrong decision.

3D Print and Scan

In-house printers mean that designs can be ratified and cosmetic models produced. For alternative materials or requirements, there are known and trusted partners to help. 3D scanning is available in the same mode.

Reverse Engineering

There are many legitimate reasons for reverse engineering, from lost data and recovering obsolete parts, to understanding function and discovering the best way to interface one design with another.

Facilities and Equipment

The following is a brief list of the software and hardware used by Perdix Design. Although not exhaustive, it may help you see where we fit together neatly.

CAD Software
CAD Software

CAD software used by Perdix Design Ltd is Solidworks for 3D modelling. 2D drawings are either produced within Solidworks, or drawn in AutoCAD LT, to suit clients’ needs and workflow. Renderings are created within Solidworks, or using Visualize. All CAD software is fully current and subscription maintained.

Graphics and Editing
Graphics and Editing Software

Various computer programmes are used to create and modify graphics and images, including packages within the Adobe Creative suite, as well as open source products and applications.

Office Software
Office and Productivity Software

To ensure maximum compatibility with the majority of clients, the Microsoft Office suite is used. Security is provided by Kaspersky software, in conjunction with additional top-tier security applications.

Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware

CAD and design computers are high specification Dell mobile workstations for best reliability and trustworthy performance. Computers are rotated out into a support capacity as latest specification machines are acquired.

2D Printers

A3+ business, archival quality photographic inkjet printer/scanners, and A3 laser printers are maintained. Large format scanning and printing is outsource to a known and preferred supplier (unless client wishes to specify their own service).

However, provision of a paper-free service is favoured.

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Additional Equipment

A Concepts 3D Systems Athena mSLA resin 3D printer is due to be delivered shortly supplementing a Raise3D N2 Plus large capacity FDM 3D printer and a 30W (visible) diode laser engraver/cutter. As well as standard metrology gauges up to 1m long, there are Creality and Revopoint 3D scanners.

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