Creating Solutions
for over 25 Years

Whether it is a simple conversion of a drawing into digital CAD format, designs complying with technical regulations, or the creation of new products and visualisation, Perdix Design can help.
With commercial awareness and experience in blue-sky concepts, collaboration on initial briefs, and designing and developing for manufacture, we can work together to deliver you results.

 Perdix Design is here to help create your solution.

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Unlock your ideas

We can discuss your ideas without technical jargon, to ensure we get the best possible result for you.
This accessible, open and honest approach is perfect for non-techies and for professionals alike.

Why Choose Perdix Design?

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Practical Creativity

The ability to balance aesthetics, function, costs, and manufacture to give you the most successful results.
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Cradle to the Grave

Receive a complete 'blue sky concept through to manufacture' service from a single source.
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Unique Solutions

One size does not fit all. Let's work together to create the uniquely creative result that you are looking for.

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Looking & Listening

Approachable, taking the time to understand your requirements, discussing and identifying what outcome you need.

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